Mastermind of Paris Terror Attacks Confirmed Dead from 11.18 Saint-Denim Raid

I made a decision when I resumed news-blogging this fall that I would not fill the pages of my news sites with gory details about #ISIS and radical Islam, further contributing to their cause by excessively reporting on their deranged death cult. But at times it’s necessary to report good news for western civilization in the fight to contain and eradicate these roaches, so today I am posting this report.

It’s a fine line that citizen reporters walk between reporting the facts and accidentally helping to aggrandize these useless monsters, who long ago ceased to be men, when they chose to worship death and cruelty instead of exalting and protecting life. Enough said. One more more monster is now dead. I would like to congratulate the French police and military on their outstanding, brilliant police work, which has undoubtedly saved lives in the hundreds this week, if not more, by speedily locating the cockroach nest where these creatures had holed up, planning their next attack on humanity.

God bless, protect and keep the police and military of France under His loving watchful eye as they go about the task of hunting down the other associated infestations of sub-human creatures which have burrowed into nooks and crannies in France, seeking to advance the cause of illogical death, destruction, depravity and to further the cause of the hatred of all life. #LoveWins and we all know that. We have long been taught that we would need to withstand and endure great evil in the world, toward the end  – right before He returns, and we are clearly now living in those times. Hold fast to God, and to goodness, and to the brilliance of the mind of Christ, which will help the West to prevail over all evil in the end . Hold fast to sanity and to inner peace. Hold fast to all that is sacred and pure, worth protecting and worth fighting for. Today we have another small victory. We press on in His name.  – Screenshot

Mastermind of Paris terror attacks killed in Saint-Denim raid on 11.18.2015

Poster boy for the ISIS cult of death, Abdelhamid Abaaoud had become such a vile human being that his own family purportedly wanted him dead. See


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