Our Entire Solar System Is Rapidly Changing. Are Scientists Paying Enough Attention?

Modern Astronomy


Our solar system is dynamic and alive, not static. Every object under observation and every planet in it is in a state of accelerated change and flux. Especially noteworthy are changes that earth based astronomers can detect during the last 50 years, as advances in astronomy have made such refined measurements and detection possible.


Do we know enough about WHY these startling changes in our solar system are taking place, and are scientists paying enough attention to possible causes? The facts beg the question that current ‘pop science’ theories blaming our own species for human caused “climate change” may be more or less utter nonsense, when we pause to consider what kinds of sudden drastic changes are now taking place on all of the planets of our solar system.

The videos below present some startling facts about rapid changes taking place on the planets of our solar system, as well…

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