Will Your Presidential Vote in 2016 Even Matter? Bilderberg Global Cabal Pre-selects US President Again

Site of the 2015 Bilderberg meeting, where American candidates for president are pre-selected by an elite world cabal. American news outlets are owned by the same members of the cabal who pre-select only global government leaning candidates who can be fully controlled, like Barack Obama, who will go down in history as the MOST Manchurian president ever “pretend-elected” by the American people. It’s time for another wake up call.

Why do we vote?

We vote because we still hope, beyond all insight that knows better, and subsequent personal despair, that it still matters, and that our vote is helping to elect the best man or woman to the White House. Given the Bilderberg global crime cabal’s pre-determined, pre-chosen, frozen then quick thawed, machine made candidates from the tired old ‘Clinton vs Bush’ regimes, shouldn’t we have already guessed that this time they would placate the feminists in the American population by giving us Hillary? Of course most of us who READ, and who read non-official news sites [ especially the beloved British news ] have known for more than a year that it would EITHER be Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton who would have the greasy Bilderberg stamp of approval on their foreheads – pre-selected and packaged by CNN and MSNBC to perfection, for consumption by the US population: “Here are your two choices for 2016 president – take it or leave it. Now shut up.”

The prerequisite of course being that both Jeb and Hillary will cheerfully comply with the forward march of the corporate globalist non-bordered fully merged international Bilderberg agenda, in which US national sovereignty is eventually dissolved completely, and the Bilderberg / UN’s superseding rulings and laws pre-empt our own. That’s been the plan for more than 40 years now, and only a deluge of astute citizen journalism from around the world can educate enough people from the nations of the world in time to stop it before a global fascist state spreads it’s octopus tentacles around every country on earth.

This race to publish the truth, not the ‘fake’ race for the White House, [which is no longer a race at all, but the farce to end all farces ] is the REAL race to the finish line. Will enough citizen journalists in the major nations take up words, photos, video and urgent truth-telling in time to educate enough people in enough countries to finally foil the Bilderberg Plan for world dominion via high corporate crime and secret legislation?

Will it matter in the end that viable outsiders like Trump, Fiorina, and Carson might gain enough ground to actually win the popular vote? And what if one of those candidates DOES actually win the popular vote? Will it matter? Who buys and sells the electoral votes that usher in the pre-approved Bilderberg stamped person?

What will it finally take to put an end to the secret governance of the USA and the world by a hideously wealthy 1% who don’t give a damn about the needs and well being of the 99% of the governed, but instead plot endlessly to find ever more surreptitious and horrible ways of killing them off? If chemtrails won’t work, they will use corporate demons like Monsanto to destroy the food supply. They will use Agenda 21 to gobble up ownership of 99% of the raw mineral, water and land resources of the world and place it all under UN control, fooling millions of unknowing Left Wing young people into doing that work for them via “local activism”, all the while believing with near religious fervor that they are “saving the world” from environmental disaster, these newest, brightest, dumbest pawns of the global Elite.

They fully intend to try to “buy” the internet, and failing that, they intend to try to “own” it to the extent that whatever they don’t want seen on it just disappears overnight by secret mandate, just as thousands of pages and reports from my own blogs have disappeared in the last 8 years.

It’s not that I oppose a global one world government. I just don’t want a THOROUGHLY WICKED AND CORRUPT false Christ eco-fascist version. I want the real and Heavenly ordained time tested ancient version of one world government, the type where true Divine beings guide the purest most noble men and women on earth to SERVE humankind and to help create conditions of abundance and prosperity which grant every person on earth the same rights and privileges which we enjoy here in America: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness: RFID-chip free, surveillance free, free from economic and socially engineered Facebook slavery to “like” what others pressure one to, and especially freedom from being given two false choices for President in 2016, while all other viable alternatives are trashed to death by a corporate Bilderberg owned mass media which does the bidding of their cabal rulers.

No artificially created ‘Blue Beam holographic cities in the sky’ nonsense will fool me, or any other thinking creature who can discern the truth.  I am literally praying every day now that millions of young people around the world, who are bright enough to know better, CEASE being the pawns of the UN Agenda 21 eco-fascism program immediately, cease allowing their passion for environmentalism to be co-opted and misused by the UN cabal, and cease consuming the river of lies which flows out of USA corporate owned mass media news outlets.  That socially engineered slop about the 2016 presidential election is all designed to sell and endorse Bilderberg sponsored fake candidates to Americans, while disparaging all other viable outsiders. Stop eating it.

American youngsters: listen to me.  Yes, that includes you – if you are less than 40 years of age and still believe that watching the alphabet channels broadcast in the United States makes you well informed: it does not.  Start getting your “American” news from Great Britain, France, Japan, Israel, and Australia. You will be AMAZED at what you are NOT being told.

I want a real and actual Second Coming. I want my true King of Kings to return and straighten out this wicked confabulated monstrous Luciferian Lie of a mess once and for all. Nothing short of that will do.

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