Ashley Madison Data Exposes Which States Are Most & Least Faithful RE: Marriage Fidelity

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Which US state populations cheat the most in marriages? Haven’t you always secretly wanted to know? 

In a sad but enlightening moment for the married and single American public, America’s biggest cheaters’ website has provided enough raw data on marital fidelity, or the absence of same to compile an ‘official’ long list of which states are the “most cheating-est” in terms of breaking the vows of marriage – and which states rank as the “least cheating-est” in marriage. The number one most cheating state in the union for breaking the vows of marriage is Alabama. Surprise, surprise Gomer. While the south has always prided itself on it’s strict interpretation of the moral compass of marital fidelity, it turns out Alabamans are the most eager to cheat on their spouses and break the vows of marriage, while Idahoans are the very least inclined to cheat on their spouses.

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2 thoughts on “Ashley Madison Data Exposes Which States Are Most & Least Faithful RE: Marriage Fidelity

  1. I can understand your reticence to accept the data, but statistics don’t lie. They simply ran a source search on which states had the most email addresses signed up as members to AM, and that’s how it all panned out. I’m from the south, by the way. This AM issue of ‘secret cheating’ just exposes that there are millions upon millions of people cheating on their spouses, and for whatever reason [ who knows? ] people living in Alabama had the most members email addresses registered to the site. It has nothing to do with being real or fake. It’s just publishing the raw statistics. Thanks for reading my blog!!



  2. I’m not buying the Alabama thingy. Not at all. I live in this state. Most of the people around me are good people and not fake. I could see DC, California, NYC or South FL at the top, not AL. The cities I just mentioned for the most part have a high density of vapid, soulless sociopaths.


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