Here’s an Excellent Example of Why I Won’t Spend Money on WordPress

My main news blog is being tinkered with again. The “Re-blog” function has completely disappeared from my main news blog site: I’ve checked the WP “sharing” settings and it’s clicked as “on” – but…. the functional link to reblog a page or post at the top of my blog header has completely disappeared.

Anyone?  Running a search in WP “help” yields no information on why this has happened.

Here is a screen capture:


If the 2016 Presidential Election Were Held Today, Here’s How GOP Contenders Would Fare.

[ Don’t shoot the messenger!  🙂 ]

These ‘election results’ are based on a voting poll which currently appears on the website on 8.27.2015.  Interestingly, neither Jeb Bush or Chris Christie got enough votes to even make the top five. Hmmm. Trump’s whopping 38% of votes is decidedly larger than other official media polls and news broadcasts which show him at about 24-28%.


As I was completing this post, the poll statistics on  The Donald jumped once again, and he is now polling at 40%. Here’s related info along with some other interesting poll numbers:

[ Courtesy article ]

Trump, Carson, and Fiorina three of the top five GOP presidential candidates, have never held office.

The Gravis results were as follows:

Donald Trump – 40.1%

Ben Carson – 13%

Jeb Bush – 10%

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)


– 7 %

Carly Fiorina – 5.2%

John Kasich – 4.8%

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)


– 4.7%

Mike Huckabee – 3.7%

Scott Walker – 3.5%

Rick Perry – 1.5%

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY)


– 1.5%

Chris Christie – 1.4%

George Pataki – 1.1%

Rick Santorum – 1%

Bobby Jindal – 0.9%

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC)


– 0.6%

The poll surveyed 3,567 voters randomly across the United States. It had a margin of error of plus or minus two percent and was conducted August 21-22.