Finally, Pluto! After an Epic Nine Year Journey, NEW HORIZONS Commences Her Historic Fly-By

Modern Astronomy

It seems like it has taken FOREVER!  🙂 !!

But finally, earlier this morning, New Horizons began her closest approach to Pluto. It will take on average more than 5 hours for her photos and other observations to arrive back on earth, where billions of fascinated people around the world will be treated to a series of ever-sharpening, higher resolution color photos of the little dwarf planet, which might be “the last in the solar system”, but never the least in our hearts. I personally mark this day as being every bit as important as the day we landed on the moon for the first time. It’s a milestone for all of humanity to celebrate and treasure.

Live coverage of NASA’s New Horizons mission is here. You can login to YouTube to participate in live chat about the ongoing mission. This page will be updated all week:

There has been…

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