I Don’t Believe Former White House Chef Walter Scheib Drowned on a Hiking Trail in Taos Ski Valley

The problem is, I lived in that region for years. I’m pretty familiar with the Taos Ski Valley. This morning when I saw the “official” cause of death for former Clinton / Bush era White House chef Walter Scheib, I had to sit for a minute: “Drowned”? Who “drowns” on a hiking trail, when there are no large bodies of water anywhere near?

So I went to Google Maps and looked up the Yerba Canyon hiking trail. And I scoured it. I could not locate a body of water anywhere where someone could drown. Scheib was a fit and robust age 61. Looking at photos of him, it seems highly unlikely that he would have fallen into a body of water while hiking and “drowned.”

But it is AWFULLY convenient for the Hillary Clinton 2016 presidential campaign that now one more truth teller, someone who might have had intimate knowledge of sundry dark or otherwise distasteful White House secrets during the Clinton tenure in the White House from 1993 to the year 2000, is now no longer with us, and thus is not available to be probed and prodded by reporters eager to know what really went on, and how something salacious might be deployed in a sudden breaking news neutron bomb moment to attempt to derail Clinton’s campaign.

Chef to the President of the United States, Walter Scheib (C) followed by the Italian, Domenico De Cesaris (R), and members of the club - Chefs to Heads of State, shows their identity cards to policeman on arrival at the Elycee Paris to meet Bernadette Chirac, wife of the President, 27 August 2003. Each year since the clubs inception in 1977, the chefs meet in a different country, this year around 30 have come to Paris to chat about their work.  AFP PHOTO/MEHDI FEDOUACH  (Photo credit should read MEHDI FEDOUACH/AFP/Getty Images)


“The missing former White House chef, whose body was found in the New Mexico mountains, died from drowning, police said Tuesday. Medical examiners saw no signs of foul play and ruled the death of 61-year-old Walter Scheib as accidental. The circumstances surrounding his death were not immediately known. Authorities found Scheib’s body on Sunday off the Yerban Canyon hiking trail in northern New Mexico after a weeklong search. The former chef was last seen June 13, when he set off on a hiking trip in the area. He served as executive chef under Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. “

Read it at New Mexico Department of Public Safety

Is it just me? Am I just too cynical and politically morbid? Or is it suspicious as hell that the former White House chef from the first Clinton presidency is now gone, and under VERY suspicious circumstances?

Here is the link to the Yerba Canyon hiking trail earth map from Google Maps. Yerba Canyon is in the vicinity of the Taos Ski Valley, a very well known and desirable vacation destination for skiers all over the world. It’s rather a posh little place, surrounded by rugged mountains. But I could not locate a body of water there.

Go and have a look and then tell me if you see a body of water where a man could have drowned while hiking. Because I can’t find it.



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  2. Over the years it’s “unbelievable” how many people suddently “have accidents”…..You can fool one person one time, but can you fool everybody all the time? Apparently, they can!


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