NASA Shows Off It’s Own Circular Space Craft for Mars Mission… Hmmm. Wonder Where They Got That Idea, LOL?

Modern Astronomy

It only makes sense. Our government has been reverse-engineering captured downed alien craft, aka “UFOs” since at least 1947 or earlier, and lying to the nation and the world about it all those decades. It stands to reason that sooner or later our guys would want to show off some of the great new ideas they got for flying machines while disemboweling the ones they found crash landed on earth. MUFON has documented dozens of cases of crashed off-world craft, often with living EBEs still on board, which were quickly surrounded, quarantined, and scooped up onto canvas covered military trucks and hauled away since the mid 1940s. Most of these ended up either at Dreamland / Area 51, or Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

In fact, the History Channel is now airing several of the long blacklisted news stories of these events in a new series titled . And since we…

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