Rumor: Obama Admin Okayed Raid on Abu Sayyaf in Syria To Take The Sting Out Of Ramadi Failure

Observing the fast moving events in Iraq and Syria I cannot help but think that this is some sort of insidious “controlled demolition” unfolding in slow motion. Either the ineptitude of our own sitting president is now reaching unfathomable levels, or the US government has wanted this all along: the disintegration of all hope in Iraq and the Mideast. Americans like me, watching it all spin wildly out of control, after a decade of American blood and treasure WASTED, cannot help but wonder what the hell is going on behind the scenes that our government has allowed this to happen.

Nice Deb

Over the weekend, while the the Obama administration was patting itself on the back for the Delta Force raid on ISIS/Daesh Oil Financier Abu Sayyaf, ISIS was sacking Ramadi, seizing U.S. military equipment, including missile launchers and tanks – enough to  “take 3 more Mosuls and about 10 Ramadis,” according to one ISIS supporter.

Bill O’Reilly asked his guests, Lt. Col. Ralph Peters (ret) and Col. David Hunt (Ret.) Monday night,  if they’ve heard the same rumor he’d heard that “the Obama administration knew that Ramadi was going to fall, knew it was an embarrassment, and then okayed this mission (as Col Hunt mentioned there were more than one hundred other requests that were not okayed – to take the sting out of the Ramadi situation.”

Peters said, “I’ve not heard that direct link, but I have heard the administration is doing everything it can to do damage control on the…

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