Six Officers Charged with Murder in Freddie Gray Death–Three White, Three Black, One Woman (Bonus Video)



According to prosecutor Marilyn Mosby you’re looking at the faces of six murderers. There were wearing police uniforms at the time they murdered Freddie Gray, a convicted felon with a long rap sheet.

But riddle me this, Mrs. Mosby: Why would the diversity we see in the above mugshots come together to murder a criminal? What’s in it for them? Wealth? Fame? A promotion?

None of these officers had any intention to murder anyone.

Aren’t you playing politics, Mrs. Mosby?

Aren’t you nothing but a cheap lying despicable piece of sh*t politician, pandering to your people?

Mrs. Mosby, you’re a f*cking disgrace to the law, to Western civilization, to humanity.

Excerpt from New York Times

But Ms. Mosby’s critics, including Mr. Bates, say she lacks the necessary experience to prosecute a complex case like the Gray case. Gene Ryan, president of the Baltimore chapter of the Fraternal Order of Police…

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