New Mexico Enacts Sweeping Civil Forfeiture Reform

A piece of good news that I wanted to share ….

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Last month, the New Mexico legislature unanimously passed a bipartisan bill essentially abolishing civil forfeiture in the Land of Enchantment (yes, that’s what they call themselves). But weeks went by and it looked like Gov. Susana Martinez was going to pocket veto the bill. If she hadn’t signed the bill by noon Tuesday, it would have expired and forfeiture reform would have been dead until next year.

But she signed it on Friday, making New Mexico the latest state to reform its asset forfeiture laws. Kudos to Gov. Martinez!

Civil asset forfeiture is a law enforcement tool enabling authorities to seize property permanently if the property is allegedly related to a crime. However, at the state and federal level numerous examples of abuse have come to light in recent years, and various states (and the District of Columbia) have ramped up due process protections for property owners.

The new law…

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