Hillary’s Announcement Video Shows She Doesn’t Want the White Vote

I noticed the omission as well. Too bad she will never get to the White House without the white vote. We’re not a minority in our own country YET, although in 20 years we will be.



White men and white women built Western civilization.

You know, that civilization that nonwhites flock to while denouncing it. And while demanding that their parasitical ways be catered to by American tax dollars.

White men and women built this Turd World magnet together, each respecting the principle of division of labor, supporting and loving each other while co-creating the best thing the world has ever seen.

Hillary Clinton, as a committed life long leftist, hates the traditional white family. It takes a village? No, Hillary, it takes a traditional family most of the time.

Hillary’s April 12 youtube video commercial announcing her candidacy for the White House looks like she’s running for president of the Turd World. Fags, mystery meat, single women with that distinct feminist look about them.

But not a white man, a white married couple, a Christian family with children. None…

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