Hopeful Suggestions for California’s Current Drought & Water Calamity: Maps, Photos

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I’m quite sure there are many brilliant people in California who have been screaming from the rafters for at least 4-5 years that this current calamity could have been avoided, had there been the political will long ago in Sacramento to harvest rainwater during deluge seasons, and to build large state-of-the-art seawater DE-salinization plants along the coast, piping the newly purified fresh water inland to starving fields and cities. I’m quite sure there are buried news stories of what happened to these brilliant farseeing people who had the insight 5-10 years ago to beg local and state government to begin setting aside funds for the building of these facilities, whose construction is not rocket science, after all.

With a near infinite Pacific ocean flanking her western shore, California need not be starved for DE-salinated fresh water. What California is apparently starving for instead is fundamental fiscal common sense, scientific will…

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