Alive After 66 Days Lost at Sea: The Amazing Survival Story of Sailor Louis Jordan

Biblical Times

Lest we forget that God watches over his own, even when it seems that all hope is lost, this story serves to remind us as the 2015 Easter weekend approaches. East coast sailor Louis Jordan had set out back in January on a short fishing trip. He never returned. His family worried, wondered and eventually grieved after 10 days of searching by the Coast Guard yielded no Louis. They gradually began to fear the worst. More than 2 months went by. Then comes a remarkable phone call, a gift from God, the voice of Louis Jordan, greeting his father by phone.

After 66 days lost at sea, Louis was spotted sitting on the overturned hull of his boat by a German freighter. His ordeal was soon to be over. Dramatic video below shows Louis Jordan being hauled up into a rescue helicopter, where he was whisked away to a nearby…

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