eSports: The Bizarre Global Phenomenon of The Mega Computer Gaming Cult

Massive ‘eSports’ stadium in Seoul South Korea filled to the rafters with tens of thousands of fanatical gamers, who come to watch the world championship computer gaming competitions annually.

“I just want to live a normal life.” – eGamer superstar celebrity, speaking to a reporter, right after he performed a ‘game kick’ dressed in full costume as a character from the video game he represented in the 2014 World Gaming Semi-finals in Seoul South Korea

In 2005, a young South Korean man dropped dead after playing the online computer game “Starcraft” nonstop for 50 hours straight. I think it’s safe to say that there is a very real problem going on here. In case you have quietly wondered [ as I have, frequently ] where all of the IQs of the young men [ and many young women ] of the world have disappeared to in the last 30 or 40 years, I think this report might give you some insights.  I now understand where all the IQs have gone, where all of the raw intelligence of the youth of our world has disappeared. Finally – I get it.

I [ gladly] am not much of a “computer gamer,” I never have been. Now and again I dabble in ‘Candy Crush’ or ‘Farm Heroes’ for an hour or two to unwind in the evening, and that’s about as far as it goes for me. So you can imagine my surprise today when I located the documentary below:

Watching the video above, I was taken aback by the sheer magnitude of the financial expenditure which this global gaming cult has necessitated. A mind trap this colossal, brilliantly devious, must of necessity, be so glamorous and utterly dazzling, that none may ever escape it.

Las Vegas has nothing on these master designers of endless pointlessly tragic ‘stretching into infinity’ realms of meaningless computer gaming. If there is a true intellectual hell for the modern day digerati, being caught up in the throes of this virtual world, for hours, days, and literally years at time, surely THIS is that place.

I was also seized with insights as to the exact insidious nature of this total soul entrapment. One could not have designed a more Satanic or more cunning way in which to distract hundreds of millions of brilliant young people, such that they are so caught up in the phenomenon that they literally lose all interest in normalcy, in outer reality, or in the real and quite desperate events which are taking place in the world now which will affect their lives forever. Score another huge win for the Iluminati controlled corporations who masterminded this maze of never-ending banality, with all it’s holographic glory.

“Aside from eating, taking a shower or sleeping, I live in front of the computer.” – Korean gaming celebrity, being interviewed for eSports TV in South Korea

This is by far the most bizarre phenomenon in the life of computer literate modern young people that I have ever observed. Watching this video documentary left me stunned. Just exactly how far divorced from actuality are the many hundreds of millions of young people around the world who participate in this behemoth global computer gaming cult? Has mass ‘youth demographic’ ultra-digital escapism finally reached it’s pinnacle? Where in the wide universe can computer gaming go from here? I actually shudder at the thought.

After surveying some of the eye-popping Cosplay costumes, [ which rival anything ever seen on Broadway in NYC or in American films], the Cosplayers, their super-ornate regalia and the stupendous spectacle which they put on at the global competitions, I began to realize that Panem is not an imaginary post-apocalyptic fascist city in a children’s book titled “The Hunger Games.” Panem is an idea of sheer opulent decadence so engulfing that it overwhelms the senses of a vulnerable young person, rendering them forever enthralled to it’s throne. This all takes place inside an eSports stadium in front of 50,000+ screaming game fanatics, who, most likely, will never get over it, ever.

Photos from the 2014 League of Legends Computer Gaming Super Competition in Seoul, South Korea

At any given moment, on any given day, there will be more than 67 million players globally logged in and playing “League of Legends”. That’s more game players than the population of France, twice as many game players as the entire population of the state of California.


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