When Science Makes the Case for God, It’s Time to Rejoice


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  1. I do truly hope you are blogging somewhere. I don’t usually post lengthy material like this under comments, as it deserves a separate post format somewhere. The part of your commentary which stood out to me was: “Christianity teaches obedience and reward. This is fine for beginners on the path. More advanced students know that there is much more to the story though.” If you are not already familiar, I’d like to introduce you to a body of Revelatory Work which I have been studying off an on for some 38 years now. Please go to http://www.urantia.org/urantia-book/read-urantia-book-online to begin, and browse the Table of Contents. Each link goes right into the chapter described. Enjoy!!!! See you on the road to Paradise! – Leigh


  2. Genesis was written following thousands of years of existence in verbal forms. There is a great Will which found it’s necessary expression through creation. “God” imposed Will upon spiritual mass. It slowed (in a vibrational sense). Matter and the corresponding layering of low spiritual essences (ethereal and astral) were suddenly began. Matter became a fact. Time thus began. “God” installed evolution as His great method of growth and change. Slowly the heavier elements appeared and suns were born. Then planets and other lesser bodies. On a certain planet biological life was also preparing, stage setting for later.

    Meanwhile in “heaven” (actually the mental plane in spirit) “God” creates human souls. They are not born in perfection but in innocence. They know nothing about even their own existence. They are cared for and nurtured. They learn individulaism. They are alive. They are mind. But they are only beginning. The purpose in “God” efforts is that these should grow through experience and acieve wisdom. so that, eventually, they can become godlike in themselves.

    Biological life is slowly readying itself on Earth. A human soul must inhabit a being which has a suitable brain. This is key. Early proto man thrives on Earth but these were animal men. They had no human souls.

    This is where the story of Adam and Eve and the garden and the snake have relevance. The garden is a metaphor for the spiritual realm where the human souls were still waiting. The snake was the voice which represented the pull of the Earth below. Note that primative peoples around the world still believe in serpents as being closest to the Earth. The people who wrote Genesis were wrong. Adam and Eve did not transgress. They did not sin against “God”. They were not “cast out”. They were meant to come to Earth all along. What sort of meaningful existence whould they hace had they stayed in heaven? What would be the point in god bothering to create in the first place? The whole thing would be quite without meaning.

    So Adam and Eve came to Earth as babes, born to the pre-existing primates. They prospered. Later they produced sons as the story goes and one of these killed the other. Note… Why would any god not find the sacrifice of the Earth’s boundy unacceptable while rewarding another who killed a living being? This is wholly without reason. There’s not a bit of truth in it.

    Cain goes down into the land of Nod (or something like that) and finds himself a wife. Hummm? Sure it’s easy to say that god provided this woman but let’s not forget that at this time the Earth was already well peopled. Cain had no trouble find a suitable mate.

    There’s plenty more that can be said but here’s an interesting tidbit. The ancient practice of male circumcision. Why? What would be the point? And why were those later “God’s chosen” (or something close to that)? The answer is easy. The line of Adam and Even was begun. They lived along side others who resembled them and who were genetically compatible but these others did not have human souls. They had animal souls instead. It was decided then that for the new line to progress remaining pure intermarrying should have some rules. It was OK for a new man to take a wife from among the older but a new woman was forbidden to mate with an older line male. In order to easily tell the difference the new line men adopted this curious habit that we still practice today. This is the true story of circumcision. Note that some years ago when isolated tribes in Africa were still being contacted for the first time that they also circumcised their males. This was why.

    The Old Testament has importance as an historical set of books but they are not the work of Moses or any of his contemporaries. Those old stories come to us from the most ancient of times. They were preserved by Noah and passed on. Finally they were written.

    Because new human souls are being created all the time while older, more experienced ones are “graduating” religions remain necessary. But a time comes for any man when he realized that religions are all man made and thus imperfect. They can only take us so far. Beyond them we go alone, in solitude. This is why we so often hear of “holy men” who live apart in solitude.

    Reincarnation is not true in the sense that personalities are reborn. In this the Bible is correct. However the human soul does inhabit thousands of different bodies/personalities along it’s way to perfection. Before we are ready to return to God as His perfected children we must have learned all that the Earth can teach. To do this we have to experience all. We all live lives in all the racial groups. We are all fat or skinny, smart or stupid, tall or short, gay or straight and all the rest. This is the only way to wisdom and without wisdom we are useless to any god or even to ourselves.

    Here on Earth we are led by men who do not understand anything more complex than a simple story. This also is part of our training. If advanced men were in charge in politics the world would be different but they are not and the world is in constant trouble. Shall the Earth be perfect? That would be the same as stopping our advancement. The Earth is a classroom and human souls are it’s students. Each body/personality lives once. In this Christianity is correct. However the souls keep coming back in new bodies with new personalities. Thiis is the true method of what we call reincarnation.

    Christianity teaches obedience and reward. This is fine for beginners on the path. More advanced students know that there is much more to the story though.

    The Hindu religion is fully aware of these truths and has existed in it’s present form for more than six thousand years. They were ancient long before there was ever such a thing as a Jew.

    Finally let me say that there are no religions in heaven. Thank goodness for that. They are products of imperfect thinking right here on Earth. And as for scriptures…. The impulse to know comes to us from “God” however it necessarily passes through the mind of men and is thus corrupted. It is for us to recognice this and move on.

    Lastly I did not mean to patronize you. I hate if when other do that to me. I would never do that to another.



  3. Hi James,

    Please don’t patronize me. :- ) ! Of course I understand what you are saying. I’m really glad to know that you’ve never met a scientist who did not believe in God. That is encouraging in our cynical and agnostic world. Once you understand the historical significance of much of the material contained in Genesis, it begins to make PERFECT scientific sense. As a religious woman who also loves the search for scientific truth, and is keenly interested in all aspects of science, I presently see that the only ‘missing teeth’ in dovetailing our comprehension of the vastness of Creation with all the delicious science contained within it, as being our lack of insight and discernment of what was actually being stated in the early scriptures. It’s not so much that “a day to God is as a thousand years” as it might be that ” a day to God is as 500,000 years” or more. once you understand this, then the first few chapters of Genesis in the Old Testament make perfect sense, as the “first seven days” of Creation could have spanned a stretch of time which lasted billions of years. Never assume to literally read scripture, as that is where 80% of readers fail to understand it’s hidden codes. Modern men need real and vibrant religious faith in God as never before. What they do not need is more stale ignorant fundamentalism [ both Christian and Islamic ] which misunderstands these old scriptural passages completely and utterly. We no longer travel by camel train and on the backs of donkeys. Transportation has advanced from those faraway days. Yet modern religious leaders attempt to lead their flocks based on absolute literal misunderstood translations of scripture, thus fulfilling Jesus prophecy of old that the “blind would lead the blind” at the very end. May your brilliant eyes be opened even wider to see the Presence of God in all things: science, anthropology, history, astronomy, geology, etc. When you begin to SEE, really SEE, Him, then religion finds you. And gratefully, it has almost nothing to do with words, books, verses and passages. Thank God for that! – Leigh 🙂


  4. I’ve never met a scientist who did not believe in God. Most famous among them is Einstein who said: “I want to know God’s thoughts. The rest are details…”

    Your headliner implies we should rejoice because some scientists are looking at the Earth and finding God. Yes. I agree but just because they acknolwedge God does not mean they embrace Christianity and the Old Testament (Genesis). Far from it. I, too believe firmly in God but let’s leave religious myth ouf of it.

    God, yes. Religion, No.

    Can any of you understand what I am saying?


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