The Future of Motion Pictures: 7D Holographic Technology Will Enhance the Movie Going Experience

It doesn’t take a very big flying leap to arrive at a thesis for what seeing a new movie release in a film theater might be like in just a few more years. Super realistic high definition 7D holography can bring wild animals leaping from the screen right over the movie goers heads, or have an astronaut float out of the film frame and right into the midst of the audience. I would venture to speculate that by the end of 2015 we might see the first public test screenings of 7D holographic enhanced film releases. If the technology can be affordably and smoothly deployed to enhance existing films and popular older films, [ imagine ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ enhanced with 7D holography – wow! ] we could soon see a whole new explosion of profitable re-releases of films like The Transformers franchise, most all science fiction films, travelogues, feature length cartoons and more.

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