#KilledByCops Interactive Map Records REAL Results of Routine Police Brutality

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#KilledByCops American Map

“#KilledByCops is an interactive map that chronicles and visualizes a humanizing, detailed, but far-from-complete perspective on the massive scale of police killings nationwide. And since fewer than 5% of law enforcement agencies in the country currently provide information on police killings, a comprehensive data collection of and a national conversation about police homicides in the United States is desperately needed.

One hope for the project is that better data collection and transparency will lead to further accountability for officers who violate human and civil rights — particularly of Black youth and adults — who are overwhelmingly the victims of police abuse and violence. The data for this map is crowd sourced from FatalEncounters.org, an impartial, comprehensive and searchable national database of people killed during interactions with law enforcement.

The recent bill passed by Congress calling for the collection of nationwide data on police killings is a major…

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