Rain falls with a fury to move rocks, mud in Southern California, burying homes

Q13 FOX News

LOS ANGELES (CNN) — Torrential rains moved walls of rock and mud Friday in South California, burying homes in one neighborhood, closing a coastal highway, and prompting evacuations of foothill communities imperiled by landslides.

The damage marked the second day of a fierce storm slamming the Pacific Coast that, in California, served to trade one natural disaster for another, namely the state’s record drought of the past three years.

At a minimum, the biggest storm in years slaked the dry earth, but it is coming at a high price for many people.

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Southern California Edison reported more than 18,000 customers without power in 119 outages late Friday morning, down from earlier count of 35,000 customers.

Mudslides swarmed or threatened homes near recent hillside fires.

Eight homes in the Camarillo Springs area saw “significant damage” when a mudslide crashed into houses and piled rocks almost as high as roof…

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