U.S., allies scramble jets almost daily to repel Russian incursions

The Daily Buzz

Moscow’s military provocations signal return to Cold War-era gamesmanship

As we’ve been saying here at The Daily Buzz for several months now…  Vlad has NO intention, whatsoever, of slowing down.  He is hell-bent on restoring mother Russia to its former Soviet glory.  That is why he is building air bases in several former Soviet republics, and the Russian military is putting its toes in the water all over the world…including conducting bomber fly-bys of Alaska!  Moscow’s annexation of Crimea from Ukraine was just the beginning, and until we take a more comprehensive, robust, approach to address Vlad’s appetite, we’ll continue to see more and more of this.  Unfortunately, Obama is VERY weak, and Vlad knows it.  The ONLY way for that perception to change in the mind of Vlad, the president of Iran, and the rest of our adversaries and enemies…is for Obama to take serious action on several fronts. …

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