WHO: ‘ No Ebola Vaccine Available for Mass Use Until 2015 – Russia Planning Release in Six Months ‘

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#AceNewsServices – GENEVA – October 14 – The Ebola vaccine will be available for mass use in summer 2015 at the earliest, the assistant director general of the World Health organization (WHO) told RIA Novosti on Tuesday.

“I think by January we will be able of doing larger scale studies with this thing.

But in terms of large scale use, no, not until middle of the next year. That’s our target,” Bruce Aylward said, answering a question on when an Ebola vaccine would be ready for mass use.

Earlier the WHO said that the first anti-Ebola vaccinecould be available as early as November 2014 and would first be given to the health care workers most at risk of exposure to the disease.

The vaccine had been expected to become available for mass use early in 2015.

The organization said that the Canadian VSV-EBOV vaccine and the ChAd-EBO vaccine…

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