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Activists claim shootings racially motivated

FERGUSON, MISSOURI – Hundreds of demonstrators stood within touching distance from officers in riot gear late Friday before dissipating at the start of what was expected to be a weekend of protests over the 2-month-old death of Michael Brown and other fatal police shootings that activists say are racially motivated.

Organizers of the four-day Ferguson October events expected 6,000 participants. The initial protest Friday outside a St. Louis County prosecutor’s office didn’t draw nearly that amount. Later, tensions increased, with protesters outside the Ferguson Police Department chanting anti-police remarks such as, “How many kids did you kill today?”

A wall of about 100 officers in riot gear stood near them. The St. Louis County Police Department announced that it would arrest anyone who touched an officer.
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Most of the crowd soon left, with organizers urging people to avoid arrest so that they could come back…

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