Kim Jong-Un’s sister believed to be running North Korea

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There are fears the younger sister of Kim Jong-Un is running North Korea as the mystery behind the leader’s disappearance intensifies.

With the erratic dictator not having been seen publicly in more than a month, defectors of the secret state now believe Kim Yo Jong is in charge.

Kim Yo Jong was born in 1987 or 1988 and attended private school in Switzerland with her brother, both staying in the North Korea embassy there and attending a Swiss school under assumed names, CNN reports.

Kim Yo Jong is the youngest of seven siblings their father, the former North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, had with four different women.

She has stepped up to a more senior role in the government run by her brother and is considered to be in a “very powerful position”, according to defectors group the North Korea Intellectuals’ Solidarity.

Michael Madden, who runs the…

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