Joan Rivers Has Finally Vacated the Premises at 81

I didn’t particularly love this woman’s brash brand of comedy. But millions upon millions of others did, and today we learned she is gone. I don’t have anything else to say about the life and death of Joan Rivers, but to pay my own tribute by presenting some video of her in her raw and often hilariously offensive glory. I’m not sure what type of “gig” Joan will be doing in Heaven, but I am sure she will find a way to shock, offend, and probably stun the angels into putting her onto the proper venue for who and what she is, and was. I’m just not exactly sure – what – that is. By the time I will have finished this brief paragraph, Joan will have cussed out Saint Peter at the Pearly Gates, and bitch slapped Archangel Michael for having the audacity to try to escort her through the entrance.