“He Caught His Hair on Fire Smoking Crack in the Lavatory at 30,000 Feet” – Airline Stewardess Documents the Outrageous Behaviors She Puts Up with by Air Travelers

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There are dozens of reasons why I no longer fly, and prefer to travel over land [ preferably in my own private vehicle ].  The last time I traveled by plane was well over a decade ago and I have not missed it one bit.  The CNN report below exposes what airline travel has come to in the “new idiocracy” of American mass transit by air. Almost all of the behaviors displayed in the videos below aren’t even usually seen on inner city buses or subways, which are the most common and very “public” modes of transport for everyday people around the world.

Taking off your shoes and socks? Clipping your toenails? Taking off your shirt?

What the hell has happened to our sense of propriety and just basic good old common decency? Here’s the CNN report, along with other recent examples I found of what travelers are having to put with these days RE: people behaving worse than barnyard animals, both on airplanes and in the airline terminals as well. NOTE: It’s not just the passengers who sometimes act out.

See also https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ba4JWuwIkz0&list=PL7B2567B388929422

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Attention Seattle Area Residents – Read the Following and Share With Everyone You Know



Recent reports on rogue cell phone towers being used across the country to intercept mobile cell phone data is drawing a response from federal agents who claim the towers are not being used by law enforcement groups.

“I doubt that they are installed by law enforcement as they require a warrant to intercept conversations or data and since the cell providers are ordered by the court to cooperate with the intercept, there really would be no need for this,” former FBI agent Ross Rice told CBS Chicago. “Most likely, they are installed and operated by hackers, trying to steal personal identification and passwords.”

Despite the CBS article’s attempt to claim that law enforcement does not have access to stationary cell phone interception devices, exclusive documents provided to Infowars last year by a source within the Seattle government revealed an expansive “mesh network” throughout the city capable of intercepting cell information in real-time.

The mesh network system, funded with a $2.6 million “Port of Seattle” grant from the Department of Homeland Security, allows several groups within Seattle to communicate outside of normal cellular channels via “mesh network nodes” attached to utility poles. Beyond the simple communication aspect, the system has also been shown to be capable of collecting vast amounts of information from the city’s many surveillance systems.

One page from the document clearly details law enforcement’s involvement with federal agencies such as the local Fusion Center, a DHS-run group consisting of FBI and police who collect data on Americans deemed “extremist.”

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Joan Rivers Has Finally Vacated the Premises at 81

I didn’t particularly love this woman’s brash brand of comedy. But millions upon millions of others did, and today we learned she is gone. I don’t have anything else to say about the life and death of Joan Rivers, but to pay my own tribute by presenting some video of her in her raw and often hilariously offensive glory. I’m not sure what type of “gig” Joan will be doing in Heaven, but I am sure she will find a way to shock, offend, and probably stun the angels into putting her onto the proper venue for who and what she is, and was. I’m just not exactly sure – what – that is. By the time I will have finished this brief paragraph, Joan will have cussed out Saint Peter at the Pearly Gates, and bitch slapped Archangel Michael for having the audacity to try to escort her through the entrance.