Unwitting Witness Pokes Holes In Michael Brown Shooting Story

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Chuck Ross

A man who claimed to have witnessed the fatal police shooting of Michael Brown said that he saw the 18-year-old doubling back towards the officer who shot him – a claim that counters most other witnesses’ rendition of the incident.

The man’s account was captured in the background of a video uploaded to Youtube. The blog The Conservative Treehouse first discovered the background chatter.

“How’d he get from there to here?” a bystander asked a man who claimed to have seen Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson shoot Brown.

“Because he ran,” said the witness.

“Police was still in the truck,” he described.

“Why his body come this way though?” the other man asked.

“He was like, over the truck, [garbled] so then he ran. Police got out, and ran after he him,” said the witness.

After running, the witness said that Brown stopped and turned back around.

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