Texas Blues King and Guitar Legend Johnny Winter Died Today

https://i2.wp.com/sharkattacksauces.com/sitebuilder/images/JohnnyWinter3-234x310.jpgI grew up on a steady diet of late 60s, early 70s hard rock, blues, folk rock and pop music. In 1969 when Johnny Winter electrified the rain soaked, mud spattered audience at Woodstock, I was going on 15 years old, but not quite there yet. Had I chosen to run away from home [ and thought I would have lived to tell about it ], I would have been rolling in the mud with my ‘baby hippie’ age group at Woodstock, stoned out of my mind,  blissing out on Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix.

Alas, I stayed home, as I valued my young life and well knew what would be in store for me if I stuck out my thumb and hitchhiked 900 miles to Woodstock.  A few years later I smoked a joint and went to see the WOODSTOCK documentary instead.  It was pleasant enough for a bored 17 year old living in a stale, rather sideways leaning, small dusty southern town, but to have been there would have been to EXPERIENCE MUSIC HISTORY as it happened.



John Dawson Winter: 1944- 2014

One of the greatest American rock and blues guitarists ever passed away today in a hotel room in Zurich Switzerland.

The details of how he died have not been released. Rock and blues legend Johnny Winter was 70 years old. Winter was an absolutely pure snow white genetic albino, with not a molecule of melanin in his skin. His stage appearance was stunning and glorious, Archangelic, the hair always flying as fast as the fingers. Tall and extremely lean with handsome sharply chiseled features, one had the experience you were being serenaded by some sort of porcelain rock and roll celestial being, as much as a massively gifted mere mortal, seeing Johnny Winter perform. People who got to see him LIVE talked about it for months afterward.



 Johnny Winter Photo Gallery 














Johnny Winter set stages on fire and hearts aflame the world over with his incredible guitar work for more than 40 years. Rest in peace Johnny. We were blessed by your presence and your great musical talent, and we are thankful. Below are some noteworthy performances.






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