Report: Attacks By Terror Group Boko Haram Increasing, 2,053 Killed This Year

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A new report detailing the extent to which the radical Islamist group Boko Haram is using brutality and murder to spread terror among Nigerian villages reveals that 2,053 people have been killed in 95 attacks in the first half of 2014.

Human Rights Watch, which authored the report, also said that the militant Islamist group is increasing its use of bombs, detonating 14 explosions that killed 423 people during that same period.

The blasts, including several apparent suicide bombings, occurred in a brothel, a technical college, marketplaces and, on two occasions, in venues where people were watching soccer matches.
In other attacks, armed Boko Haram militia opened fire in places of worship and elsewhere in the West African nation.

In May, gunmen allegedly descended on the twin towns of Gamboru-Ngala in armored personnel carriers stolen from the Nigerian military and killed 336 people.


In April, the organization…

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