BREAKING: Newest Giant Sinkhole Aerial Video Exposes Horizontal Tunnels Leading Away from Mouth of Sinkhole

Finally, there is the beginning of a morsel of some sort of CLUE about what is going on regarding the sudden appearance of giant sinkholes all over the world. This is not just breaking news, this is HUGE. After seeing this latest video footage, I now realize that there is NO WAY that these giant sinkholes could be purely natural geologic events, aka acts of nature. They are being deliberately caused by MASSIVE DEEP UNDERGROUND TUNNELING. How can I tell this?  It’s easy, it’s in plain view in the video and it’s just common sense: look carefully at the video footage of this huge new sinkhole – you can clearly see horizontal tunnel openings about 40 feet down the vertical shaft which lead away from the vertical opening. If this hole was a natural geologic event, it would be completely impossible for those horizontal openings to be there, to be nearly perfect “half moons” that something as big as an 18 wheeler truck could drive through. This is very REAL evidence that some sort of tunneling device is being used to create these sinkhole monstrosities.

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