The New Face of ISIS Leader Abu Bakr Baghdadi: From Ex-Con Thug to Religious Caliphate

Abu Bakr Baghdadi

Any semblance of normalcy in Iraq that may have been returning in 2011 through early 2014 has been shattered by the sudden attack of ISIS insurgents on major Iraqi cities, beginning with Mosul, which fell to ISIS on June 12th. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqi families are being displaced by renewed warring between Sunni and Shia factions of Islam in mid 2014.

Iraq Update 7.5.2014

‘Live’ from Mosul: Islamic State leader appears in Internet video


The video, uploaded to websites including YouTube, purports to show Abu Bakr Baghdadi, head of the Islamic State, an Al Qaeda offshoot, leading prayers in the Grand Mosque in Mosul, the site of a devastating military attack by Baghdadi’s forces last month that has helped ignite a Sunni uprising in large swaths of Iraq.

Baghdadi, previously known only through grainy mug shots and audio messages exhorting Sunnis to rise up and fight against infidels, appears as a bearded figure wearing the group’s signature black clothing and delivering a sermon from the pulpit, said to be during noon prayers on Friday.

In the speech, he congratulated fighters for the group, previously known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, for taking over much of the region from the Aleppo area of Syria east into northern Iraq. The group has declared that it is now running an Islamic caliphate in the area it controls, which Baghdadi said was established “after many years of jihad and patience and fighting the enemies of Allah.”

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