ISIS Massacred Hundreds of Iraqi Soldiers in Tikrit, US Drones Deployed, Russian Fighter Jets Arrive in Iraq as ISIS Circles Baghdad

 Militants with members of the Iraqi security forces

Iraq Update 6.29.2014

Iraq crisis: ‘Strong evidence’ ISIS committing mass executions, war crimes, Human Rights Watch says

Photos and reports posted on the Hindu Times today allege that ISIS terrorists massacred at least 160 Iraqi men in Tikrit earlier this month.  One day after I updated this page with a very loud call for the US military to send in attack drones to stop the advance of ISIS on 6.27.2014, the next day it was reported that US military strike drones were now deployed in Iraq. I am not assuming there is any relationship between those two events, but it is a damned excellent coincidence.  Had those US military strike drones been called in on June 12th, the Iraqi army may have had a snowball’s chance in hell of rolling back the ISIS onslaught and saving Baghdad. One type of lightening strike calls for another in times of sudden war.

I’m no expert, but at this point I do believe that Baghdad will fall. It’s so tragic, there are no words for it.

Too little was done during the critical first 12-14 days of this siege. Even American news networks were looking the other way, reporting endlessly on the 20 year anniversary of the OJ Simpson trial [ Who give a damn? ]  while ISIS stormed Mosul and took the city in 24 hours. Various officials in the Obama White House have made the absurd claim that they “were taken by surprise” by sudden breaking disintegrating events in Iraq. Does anyone who follows world events actually believe that? Does the White House really believe that the saturation of US households by intentionally broadcast displays of all-out idiocracy on our ‘news’ channels’ has now ruined our collective ability to actually discern which parts of actuality are newsworthy  – and which aren’t?  Did they believe if they broadcast enough junk and pass it off as news – that the American people would JUST IGNORE the sudden ominous and terrible collapse of Iraq, and keep passing the popcorn box???

News pundits in the US continue to question how the Obama White House “could have been taken by surprise” by the sudden and terrible events in Iraq which have unfolded since June 11th. I personally find it hard to believe the president didn’t know what was brewing. After all, he is a 3rd generation CIA man himself.

Was “looking the other way while letting Iraq fall to pieces” a deliberate action by the Obama White House, and if so, for God’s sake: WHY?

House intel chief: Obama ignored Iraq warnings

“The Republican chairman of the House Intelligence Committee said Wednesday that lawmakers were briefed more than a year ago that the al Qaeda-inspired group now wreaking havoc in Iraq had access to a large number of Western passports and sought to carry out attacks against the U.S. and its allies in Europe.”

Quoted from Kurdish media:

“Iraq as a state established according to the Sykes – Picot agreement and especially after 1932 existed as an imposed entity. There’s no any constitutional, political and moral principles left for any coexistence of the Kurds, the Sunnis, the Shiites, the Christian and the Assyrians. Iraq is considered now as the most unsuccessful country in the world. Iraq was much stronger and more solid when it was handed over by the U.S. to the Shiites’ leaders. They don’t seem to have taken any lessons from the past quarter of a century ruling of the Sunnis. So they have repeated the same political and historical mistakes. ” – Gazi Hassan, Kurdish