British Empire Says GCHQ Can Intercept Anyone’s Messages

So it’s not just our own government intercepting private communiques globally. I am not surprised. It’s unfortunate that with all that spying the two western super-powers seem to have been taken completely by surprise by the ISIS blitzkrieg in Iraq. Wouldn’t this infer they need to spy on ISIS thugs MORE and “hapless innocent civilians” in the West LESS?

LaRouche Irish Brigade

British privacy groups have gotten a government document which asserts the empire’s right to intercept (and use) any and all Internet communications, including those of hapless subjects who are suspected of no wrongdoing at all.

The Privacy International summary of the British government document, reported in the June 17 New York Times, says that “any contact between people in Britain through networks based elsewhere, or use of search engines located outside Britain, constitute ‘external communication’ and can be intercepted with neither warrant nor suspicion of any illegal or dangerous activity. Part of the activity is a surveillance programme named Tempora, by which GCHQ (and the NSA) tap fibre-optic cables carrying Internet traffic into and out of Britain.

Most of the information pertaining to the New York Times reporting comes from Edward Snowden’s revelations.

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