Mid-day Developments, June 12th

LaRouche Irish Brigade

These are some of the developments that we will be following and reporting on, throughout today and tomorrow.

1. ISIS forces are moving south towards Baghdad and a US military contact has drawn the parallel to the fall of Saigon.

Iraqi forces are building in defensive positions north of Baghdad near the town of Taji and if that east to west line is broken by ISIS forces, Baghdad could fall rather quickly.
‘Too Little Too Late’

US sending in trainers on short notice, but this is likely too little too late and the breakup of Iraq could follow. Kurdish forces have already taken Kirkuk from the fleeing Iraqi Army and this could be part of the long-promoted breakup of Iraq into a Shiite south around the Basra oil fields, a Kurdish region bordering Turkey and a Sunni region bordering Syria. Hashemi, the former Iraqi Sunni VP now in exile in…

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