Las Vegas Shooter Jared Miller Left Behind Videos with Odd References to “Them” and “They”

Jerad and Amanda Miller in Joker dress up costumes

Witnesses said the couple announced the shootings were the start of a revolution and draped the victims’ bodies with American Revolution-era Gadsden flags — bearing the slogan “Don’t tread on me” — that have become symbols of the Tea Party movement.

New riddle: which comes first – people like the Millers, or Martial Law, or people like the Millers?

Is young middle America coming so unglued over the typical stresses of living that they can’t be trusted NOT to gun down and murder total strangers? Is this becoming a country not even safe enough to live in? I walk in and out of a Walmart, or any other name brand retail outlet or restaurant, several times in a given month. Will it even continue to be safe enough in this country to do that?

I’m trying to come to grips with what kind of madness is apparently seizing people everywhere in the USA, as the unnerving run of unexplained mass shootings continues to pile up.

I Googled the IDs of the two people, Jared and Amanda Miller, who apparently “snapped” yesterday and gunned down two innocent policemen in a Las Vegas eatery as the men ate their lunch. The policemen were in uniform and on duty when the shooting took place and they were shot execution style at point blank range. If Jerad Miller’s madness had been caught when he was in jail, and if he had been kept in jail, the families of those two dead police officers would have husbands and fathers coming home through the front door at the end of their shifts. But that’s not what happened.

Here are the FB groups that Amanda Miller had joined:



I want to know what’s driving all of this. What is causing apparently ‘average Joe’ types of people like the Millers to ‘snap’ to the point where they become deluded enough to believe that cold blooded murder, and then suicide afterwards in the ultimate act of personal cowardice – is a solution to what ails American society?

“I wish that we didn’t have to go do this stuff, and I wish that that the world was perfect ….” – Jerad Miller, 10 months ago, in a YT video made for his girlfriend and co-shooter in the June 8th Las Vegas shootings

“I swear to God, they better not f&%#king do this shit while I am in jail….I’m pretty sure they won’t… I’m pretty sure it’s not happening that fast…there’s a bunch of zombies out there, a bunch of sheeple…” – cited from the videos below

Who is they?

This appeared on Amanda Miller’s FB page a few days ago:


Amanda wrote on her FB page recently:Had a great day with my hubby Jerad. Went down on the strip to explore some more. We have decided that we like Fremont the best. Then to top tonight off I got to get my picture with “Jack Skellington” yeas! today’s level of awesome was a 10. Also got some free beers as well.

She sounds absolutely normal. WTF? A quick perusal of her FB content reveals that she and Jared had only recently moved to Nevada on January 5th of 2014.

I have posted some photos, links and videos I have found of the Millers. I’m not sure if there are any clues in this material at all, but in the videos the male in the couple makes reference to “them” and “they” in an odd way that I can’t quite make sense of.  Jared Miller’s YT channel is here. Jerad apparently loved his cats, and posted several videos of both of them. He also apparently loved his girlfriend very much, as shown in the videos below.

It appears that right before he was jailed, Jerad Miller was already making references to a plan to “do” something about something. If you can figure out what this guy is referencing in his sobbing video of his professed love to his girlfriend, made before he went to jail, then add your comments.

Were there clear warning signs in his life before June 8th 2014?  The videos he posted to his YT channel appear to show no real warning signs. Jared references the fact that he’s under house arrest for selling pot in the 3rd video. Pot is now legal in several states and medical marijuana is legal in many more. That’s not a big deal. That’s no clue at all that this rail thin man who lives in an apartment in Las Vegas with his girlfriend and loves his cats is capable of mass murder.

I want to know what drove these two people to do what they did. Being upset about the “new world order” is not a justifiable reason to go on a random killing rampage. There are millions of people who feel that way, who in some form are dissatisfied with the many injustices they see being played out in the world at large.  But they don’t step over the last boundary of psychological normalcy in human behavior and fall into the abyss of committing random homicide as a solution.

In the third video Jared shows the viewer a glossy magazine, professionally produced, which introduces the topic of surveillance drones to the reader. He’s alarmed by it. He also makes reference to “self-medicating with marijuana”. Apparently Jared Miller did not self-medicate enough to stop himself from believing that he would “start the revolution” by murdering two innocent police officers as they ate their lunch.

Is the average Joe becoming THAT unhinged about the problems of the world? If so, then the FEDS could not build enough prisons fast enough to house all the men and women who might take up arms and begin acting out their skewed gross misunderstanding of current world events. The irony in this particular mass shooting is that the very heinous act which was committed by Jerad and Amanda Miller on June 8th 2014 in Las Vegas will most likely help tremendously to bring about the eventual actions that the Millers probably loathed the most: the disarming of the American public by new federal gun laws, and / or the installment of Martial Law as the public responds to that act. Disarmament and Martial Law on US soil are two very probable, highly likely actions which might be eventually taken by the FED, since no one really knows how many people like the Millers are out there now, simmering in the suburbs, waiting to go postal on any given day that they are “in a bad grumpy mood because of the new world order …”

New riddle: which comes first – people like the Millers, or Martial Law, or people like the Millers?

In the last video Jared rants about everything from drones to the public courthouse building that sits within view of his front window. He’s a little bit unhinged, he’s mildly annoyed, not yet irate that he has to pay $9 a day to be under “house arrest” after being convicted of selling pot and doing jail time, but in no way does he give a clue that he is capable of cold blooded murder. The rant below could be one of any number of MILLIONS of video portraits – psychological ‘selfies’ – which are posted to YT everyday. So how does one process that fact?

Last, but not least: Is being irate with a lousy landlord, and a rickety back porch ANY justification for going postal? Here’s the last video made by Miller which peeks into his own private world. Apparently the Millers were evicted from their home at some point in the past year. The video was posted on July 15th 2013. If the Millers were headed toward living on the streets and homelessness, that’s a sea change. The last tenuous grip on “normalcy” is usually lost when a middle America type is confronted with homelessness. But it’s never a justification for murder. Nothing is.



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