WATCH: Mumbai pizza shop tests drone delivery

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Traffic may no longer be an issue for pizza shops trying to get slices to customers in 30 minutes or less. A pizza chain in Mumbai, India is showing off its plans for drone delivery service.

While Mumbai streets are clogged with cars, motorbikes and auto-rickshaws, a pizza order could one day avoid all that by whizzing overhead attached to a remote-controlled, GPS-enabled drone.

Francesco’s Pizzeria posted a video of a May 11 trial run on YouTube: the video now has more than 530,000 views.

The custom-made drone, equipped with four rotors, carried the 13-inch pizza — a plain margherita according to the Times of India –at a speed of 30 km/h to its destination less than 3 kilometres away, setting it down on the roof of a 21-storey building in Mumbai’s Worli district.

Watch a pizza delivered by a drone in Mumbai, India A look at the remote-controlled drone Francesco’s Pizzeria used to deliver a pizza in a…

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