Humanizing a crisis: Blogging the Syrian conflict

Global News

AMMAN – I met Razan Ghazzawi at a conference about media freedom in the Arab world.

She, like me, was presenting in a panel discussion at the Forum for Media Freedom Defenders in the Arab World in Amman, Jordan.

At the conference, participants discussed issues like the challenges reporters face in the region, from difficulties in getting government information to violent reprisals for their reporting.

I felt a little out of place at the conference – reporting in Canada is a far easier job. For example, I worry about libel and uncommunicative officials – Middle Eastern journalists do, too, but they also worry about imprisonment and worse.

Ghazzawi, 34, is an activist and blogger, born in the U.S. though she says she never lived there, who writes about the conflict in Syria from Damascus and elsewhere. I spoke to her briefly at the conference about her blog.

She started…

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