Darpa is looking for experts from private sector for future cyber ops

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DARPA   is scouting the private companies to recruit high skilled professional and use company infrastructure to protect classified information.

The Pentagon is searching cyber experts to address the growing shortage of highly professional in the field, the US Government is making scouting for expert hackers in the private sector.The control of the cyberspace and the mitigation of cyber threats are essential aspect of US cyber strategy, that’s why the DARPA is researching in the private sector organizations skilled and experienced cyber professionals.

Projects “to achieve cyberspace superiority require specialized knowledge, skills, and experience,”  ”Ideally, respondents will include both potential performers currently holding security clearances and those who may be granted clearances based on technical capabilities and eligibility.” states a request for company workforce information.

$5 Billion This month the US Government disclosed the Military Cyber Spending reserved by the Pentagon for cyber operations next year, it reserved , part of the comprehensive $496…

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