Chemtrail and Heavy Metal Detoxification Product Developed in California

Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon

By G. Edward Griffin –  3/26/2014

envioshield-Chemtrails MitigationLook at the graphic on the photo to the left and you will know what EnvioShield is all about.

It was developed by Matt and Olesya Novik, who live in Southern California, to combat the symptoms of toxicity they were experiencing on those days when the sky was laden with gray haze from high-flying aircraft. Matt described their symptoms as: “Everything from Asthma, Neuropathy, Vertigo, fatigue, frequent illness, etc. It was to the point where both my wife and I had to rely on an inhaler to breathe properly.”

They were convinced that the increase in levels of toxic chemicals found in soil and rainwater following these “chemtrail” events had a lot to do with their deteriorating health. Instead of just complaining about it, they decided to take action. After determining what those chemicals were, they researched known methods for safely removing them from…

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