Flight MH370: China demands satellite data used to conclude plane is lost with no survivors

Global News

WATCH: Malaysia’s prime minister now says missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 went down in the southern Indian Ocean and there’s no hope of finding any survivors. Robin Stickley reports.

BEIJING – China demanded Tuesday that Malaysia turn over satellite data used to conclude that a Malaysia Airlines passenger jet was lost in the southern Indian Ocean with no survivors during a flight to Beijing.

Among the flight’s 239 passengers, 153 were Chinese nationals, making the incident a highly emotional one for Beijing. Family members of the missing passengers have complained bitterly about a lack of reliable information and some suspect they are not being told the whole truth.

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Deputy Foreign Minister Xie Hangsheng told Malaysia’s ambassador to Beijing that China wanted to know what exactly led Malaysia to announce Monday night that the plane had been lost, China’s Foreign…

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