[VIDEO] Romney: Obamas Naiveté about Russia Led to Current Crisis


pundit from another planet

Mitt Romney is finally getting some respect, even from corrupt elements in the media that actively participated in smearing his reputation and judgement not so long ago. From NRO‘s video lab at  The Corner, summarizing Romney‘s comments on Sunday’s Face the Nation

The president’s naiveté with regards to Russia and his faulty judgment about Russia’s intentions and objectives has led to a number of foreign-policy challenges that we face.”

Host Bob Schieffer noted that Romney might be tempted to say “I told you so” after being mocked by President Obama during the 2012 presidential debates for emphasizing that Russia was a geopolitical adversary of the United States.

“Russia has very different interests than ours. This is not fantasyland, this is reality,” Romney said. “They’re not our enemy, but they’re certainly our adversary on the world stage.”

Romney also said that Putin’s actions should not…

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