Maidan As It Stands: Feb. 21, 0:00 to 09:00

Voices of Ukraine

Yesterday, as the bloodiest day of clashes between thousands of demonstrators and heavily-armed riot police in the heart of Kyiv’s Maidan drew to a close with protesters unbowed, President Viktor Yanukovych told European foreign ministers that he would be open to early elections if that would restore peace. Last night the EU finally decided to impose sanctions against persons responsible for the violence in Ukraine.

An agreement intended to help resolve the crisis in Ukraine is expected to be initialed at the Ukrainian presidential administration headquarters at noon today, the presidential press service reported.

The official death toll now sits at 77, with hundreds wounded, some figures say over a thousand.


Bohdan Globa
My dad called. People from Poltava have blocked the highway from Kharkiv–Kyiv not to let “titushkas” come to Kyiv. I was listening to him with tears in my eyes. People have established 4 cordons at the highway…

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