Gloves Off: Restaurants Calling For End To Controversial California Law

CBS Sacramento

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The gloves are coming off in the battle to repeal a controversial law requiring chefs and bartenders to wear latex gloves when handling food or drinks.

In the restaurant business you have to move fast to keep churning those dishes out. And chefs say that’s the problem: Wearing gloves isn’t making the food safer, but it’s slowing them down and costing them business.

Inside any restaurant kitchen, efficiency isn’t optional. It’s an essential ingredient.

Except these days chefs spend less time focusing on food, and instead spending precious moments putting on pair after pair of latex gloves.

“It’s a little ridiculous almost what they’re asking us to do,” said Cafe Bernardo GM Rebecca Patterson.

Legislators are now joining restaurants and bars in the push to take California’s glove law off the menu.

The chair of the Assembly Health Committee will announce a new emergency bill on Monday…

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