Snowden files: GCHQ monitors social media in real-time

Dirty Babylon

YouTube video views, Facebook “likes” and Blogger visits are among activities GCHQ has monitored in real-time, according to the latest Snowden leaks.

Details of an alleged GCHQ programme codenamed Squeaky Dolphin have been published by NBC News.

It reports that the UK intelligence agency showed off its abilities to the US National Security Agency in 2012.

Facebook has since started encrypting its data, but Google’s YouTube and Blogger services remain unencrypted.

Both firms have said that they did not give GCHQ permission to access the data.

The alleged operation’s leaked logo – showing a dolphin holding a canister branded GTE – appears to refer to Global Telecoms Exploitation, a GCHQ division believed to be capable of collecting data from fibre-optic cables.

According to an earlier leak, published by the Guardian, GCHQ has been tapping fibre-optic cables to create a “buffer” of information it could search through since at least…

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