Germany’s Rahr Warns Against Threat of Nuclear War

LaRouche Irish Brigade

In terms not seen anywhere to date in the public discussion in Germany, outside of what the LaRouche organization has published, the senior Russia expert Alexander Rahr warned against the threat of nuclear war with Russia, in an assessment on the Ukrainian situation for the new issue of the Cicero monthly magazine.

“Today, the mass protest against the Ukrainian government is by and large still nourished by social demands,” Rahr writes, “but a spark suffices to unleash a civil-war-like conflict between the pro-European western part and the pro-Russian eastern part of the second-largest territorial state of Europe.” Rahr draws a comparison to the situation in Yugoslavia during the 1990s, but assesses that, “unlike in the Yugoslav civil war, the intervention of a NATO peacekeeping force is to be ruled out. The risk of a military confrontation with the nuclear power Russia is too big. The West cannot avoid seeking a…

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