I Have A Terrible “NOT Good” Feeling About Sochi Winter Olympics 2014

I don’t usually follow the doings of the world Olympic committee very closely, but I have felt for months that the choice of awarding the 2014 Winter Olympics to Sochi Russia was a devastating error in judgment. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that hosting the event next door to one of the most inflamed hotbeds of radical Islam and terrorist incubators in Central Asia was a foolish foolish thing to do. WHAT were these people thinking???

I feel that there is a VERY LARGE possibility that a massive terror bombing, or even a whole series of terror bombings, will take place during the event and that lives will be lost.

I do truly wonder about the people making up the committee who made the selection of Sochi Russia. I feel the winter games are taking place with a dark pall over them, and I would not dare attend, even if someone gave me free  tickets, lodging and airfare. No way.


Blog author – Screenshots News Blog 01.20.2014