Anatomy of Maidan. Virtual tour of the protesters’ grounds

Euromaidan PR

00sKyivis relatively calm now, so it’s just the right time to study Maidan in detail. Almost everybody has heard that word, but not everybody imagines how everything works here. Now the protesters occupy Kyiv’s center – Maidan Nezalezhnosti square, almost all of Khreschatyk (the main street), European square and some of the adjacent streets. A few administrative buidings have been captured; in them, heating and medical help centers have been established, as well as stations for accepting and redistributing clothes and other items. There are hundreds of tents on the streets, in which the activists that have come to Kyiv from all over the country live.

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DOUBLE HOMICIDE: Man Kills Wife, Mother-In-Law, Himself

A Cedar Rapids man shot his wife and his mother-in-law before turning the gun on himself Thursday morning.

Police say Robert Livingston killed his wife, 41-year-old Ingrid Livingston, and her mother, 73-year-old Linda Huber, at Huber’s home before shooting himself.

KWWL reports the couple had two children who were unharmed.

Police haven’t released information on a possible motive.

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Riots in Kiev


Protests in Kiev, the capital of the Ukraine, continue as Russia defers sending financial aid, reports the New York Times. Despite Russia’s President Vladimir Putin having assured members of the European Union summit in Brussels that financial aid would continue being sent to the Ukraine, the measures have currently been halted. The change in policy was announced in a cabinet meeting in Moscow when prime minister Medvedev stated that aid should not be sent until it was certain which party would wind up in power. As a result, $2 million in aid will not be provided in order to help with the $2.7 billion debt. Commentators say this may be an attempt on Russia’s behalf to keep economic pressure on Ukrainian president Yanukovych into not compromising with the opposition.

In the meantime violence between the two anti-government factions continues, leaving five wounded on Wednesday when fights broke out in…

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Governor Nathan Deal apologizes as Atlanta thaws

ATLANTA (CNN) — Two days after snow began to fall — and a day after many Georgians, including hundreds of schoolchildren, finally made it home — the state’s governor apologized Thursday for what many saw as an insufficient and too ineffective response.

Gov. Nathan Deal told reporters he was “not satisfied” with how his state dealt with the 2.6 inches of snow plus the sheets of ice that it turned into, leading to massive gridlock throughout the metro Atlanta area. In addition to students stranded at school, many drivers camped out in their cars or abandoned them by the hundreds along thoroughfares big and small.

“I accept responsibility for the fact that we did not make preparation early enough to avoid these consequences,” Deal said. “… I’m not looking for a scapegoat. I’m the governor, the buck stops with me.”

Speaking later Thursday with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, Deal said “we…

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