CNN Actors Provide Hoax After Hoax to Gullible Viewers Since 1991 Gulf War

Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon

CNN Logo Aipac and CIA manufactured News

CNN: “Cinema Not News”

Jaco-Rochelle CNN Gulf WarThis video reveals an “inside job” decision to perpetrate a deep conspiracy of disinformation against the American people and the entire global population within reach of viewing CNN.

After 23 years we wake up to increasing corpse news that is little more than manipulation and fear-mongering in a pretend-world of terror threats to ultimately profit the bankster cabal.

Charles Jaco and Carl Rochelle were actors in a completely staged event during the 1991 Gulf War.  CNN displayed foolish hubris in a transparent plan to deceive the American people with a phony report from Ryadh, Saudi Arabia.

But things are far worse today: CNN continues to publish lies along with increasing participation by what remains of a corpse media in decay of public trust.

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Boston Bombing Hoax

Crisis Actors web Page-a

Crisis Actors fail to make False Flag bombing Look Real when the camera captures them applying makeup…

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