Police freed 19 pregnant girls from baby factory in Abia State

Although it is now supposedly taboo to tell the truth about baby factories in the USA, I happen to know from experience growing up in the south that hundreds of young black women got knocked up and gave birth to get the cash welfare benefits which came with being a single mother. One day I was sitting on a public bus as a teen and overheard a group of young black girls talking about how many babies they planned to have and how much they could expect to get from the FED each month as a result. It was 1973. Out-of-wedlock pregnancies in the black community in my hometown were exploding during this time. My graduating class in high school saw 30-40 black girls missing the ceremony and not bothering to finish high school as they had discovered the “get pregnant and get paid” cash cow which would allow them to collect over $1500 per month in welfare as a single mother. You never heard this from me, and I never said this. It is forbidden to discuss, as liberals refuse to believe this has happened at all. In 30 years the population of my hometown went from 89% white to 94% black. Every white family we knew left town or left the state. I believe to this day that the lenient welfare laws in NC allowed this to happen. Many of the old neighborhoods in my hometown which were middle class are now drug dealing ghettos. It’s a “little Detroit.” I won’t name the town, for courtesy’s sake. But most of the population is single black mothers of 5-9 kids now. It all began in the late 1960s – early 70s.

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Pregnant teenagers at Baby factory
Nigeria’s police said Friday they had raided a home in Umuahia, capital of Abia state where 19 pregnant women were staying with plans to sell their newborns, in the latest discovery of a so-called baby factory.
The owner of the property, suspected of being a …Police freed 19 pregnant girls from baby factory in Abia State

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