3 First Aid Tips When There’s No Ambulance


first aid ambulance

By Adam C

First aid is a critical skill that everyone should learn if at all possible. Coincidentally, first aid training is some of the most available and least expensive training out there – most every community center offers low or no cost first aid training of some sort, and there really is no excuse for taking it. Most first aid training, however, focuses primarily on cardiopulmonary resuscitation – CPR.

The advent of modern CPR has saved countless lives during its mass adoption in America, but the main reason CPR works is not so much techniques like chest compressions or rescue breaths, but the fact that it keeps a person alive until help arrives. Help usually comes in the form of the fully stocked and ultra-modern rolling hospital known as the modern ambulance; within are paramedics, EMTs, radios, life-saving equipment and more – and the whole assembly is roaring towards…

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