Muslims Disrespect Christians Around the World by Mocking the ‘Last Supper’ of Christ

sharia unveiled

Muslim Last Supper

A Muslim woman by the name of Fatima Ali and her friends from the Islamic Center at NYU have crossed the line of disrespect by posing in a mocking photo of the ‘Last Supper of Christ.’

One of our readers pointed out the fact that there are “only 12 people” in this picture, where there should be 13.  The 12 disciples and Jesus.  The 12 disciples are represented but Jesus is not.  We believe that this omission of Jesus is intentional.  The Muslims are essentially making the claim that Jesus did not exist.  Credit: Angelos Gavriel

Editorial Footnote:  If the Christians had done a mocking photo of a Muslim sacred event, the Muslims would be in the streets right now slaughtering Christians and burning their churches.

Well, more than they do on the average day anyway.


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